QPatch - Automated Patch Clamp with gigaseal recordings in physiological solutions

The benchmark for cardiac safety since 2004


The QPatch product line consists of three fully automated cell patch clamp systems, QPatch 8, QPatch 16 and QPatch 48 which all are used for studying ion channels. These systems cover a wide range of throughput needs and provide the user with genuine whole-cell patch clamp data based on true gigaseals. QPatch is used on almost any ion channel target.

  • True gigaseals, no seal enhancer needed
  • Proven benchmark platform for cardiac safety
  • Current and voltage clamp
  • Complete flexible solution with hardware, software, biochips and consumables
  • Single- and multi-hole measurements
  • Automated and standardized cell handling
  • No electrode maintenance or drift


“Sophions user friendly software makes it easy to operate even by a non-electrophysiologist”

Dr. Ioana Neagoe, Evotec

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