Automated patch clamp technology across industries

Expanding automated patch clamp to a variety of industries

Many industries rely on automated patch clamp techniques to study the electrical properties of cells. We offer our expertise and understand your industry’s challenges.



Automated patch clamping provides the pharmaceutical industry with a powerful tool for studying ion channels in cells and their response to drugs. Automating the process ensures significant improvements in laboratory efficiency, data quality, and throughput, which can ultimately accelerate the drug discovery process and improve patient outcomes.


Contract Research Organizations

Contract Research Organizations (CRO) undertake a variety of pharmaceutical drug development assignments and reap the same benefits of improved accuracy and efficiency from automated patch clamp. Learn more about our solutions for CRO’s.



Increasing numbers of academic laboratories and governmental institutions are incorporating automated patch clamp into their laboratory equipment.
Explore and learn more about how we can help you find the best platform for your needs.

Sophion automated patch clamp in agro chemical industry


Explore how automated patch clamp techniques are excellent for studying the structure and function of insect and plant ion channels. With our solutions, you are ensured accuracy and efficiency.


Food & beverage

Five basic tastes are recognized today: salty, sweet, bitter, sour, and umami. Salty and sour taste sensations are detected through ion channels. Benefit from automated patch clamp technology to ensure accuracy and safety in your ion channel research.



A lot of research and drug development focuses on the skin area. Ion channels are the target for the most effective skin enhancers in the cosmetics industry. For every step of the way, we ensure high quality results of your ion channel recordings, from assay setup to analytics.

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With the help of our automated patch clamp solutions, we have asked our customers how they use the technology to shape their future.

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