Disease areas

Ion channels control a wide range of essential cellular functions, including chemical signalling, regulation of pH, transcellular transport and regulation of cell volume. The abnormal function of ion channels can cause various diseases, also called channelopathies.

Diseases associated with ion channel malfunction are on the rise, and there are an increasing number of drugable ion channel targets. Examples of channelopathies are cystic fibrosis (CFTRT, TMEM16) and epilepsy (Kv7.2/KCNQ2). Also, ion channels are involved in diseases areas such as cardiac, cancer, genitourinary, metabolic, gastrointestinal, stroke, pain/inflammation, psychiatric disorders, pulmonary/respiratory and seizures/convulsions.

Learn more about the various disease areas in the links below:

Cystic fibrosis
Other channelopathies

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