Application areas

Sophion’s technology is used in various stages of drug discovery and safety assessment, ranging from primary screening to large molecule analysis. Our solutions enable researchers to study ion channels with high accuracy and throughput, providing valuable insights into drug mechanisms and potential safety risks.

In primary screening, our technology enables researchers to quickly and efficiently evaluate large compound libraries for ion channel activity. This helps identify promising leads for further optimization and development. These solutions are also useful in hit-to-lead optimization, where researchers can evaluate the effects of modifications on ion channel activity and select the most promising candidates for further development.

For large molecule analysis, our technology can be used to study the activity of ion channels in response to biologics, such as antibodies and proteins. This allows researchers to better understand the mechanisms of action of these large molecules and identify potential safety risks.

Our automated patch clamp platforms are also valuable for cardiac safety assessment, where they can be used to evaluate the effects of drugs on cardiac ion channels. This is important as drugs that block or modulate channels can lead to cardiac arrhythmias and other safety issues.

Also in stem cell research our technology is useful, where it can be used to study ion channel activity in stem cells and their derivatives. This can help researchers better understand the role of ion channels in stem cell differentiation and potentially identify new targets for regenerative medicine.

Overall, Sophion’s solutions are essential for researchers looking to study ion channels in drug discovery and safety assessment. These applications cover a wide range of areas, from primary screening to stem cell research.

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