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To help you get the most out of your Sophion instruments, we have developed video tutorials, which covers relevant topics on how to operate our systems. Would you like to learn how the Sophion Analyzer works A-Z? Have you ever experienced low resistance on the bed of nails of your QPatch? Check out our selection of video tutorials, and start your learning journey here.

Online application video tutorials

For guidance on how to run your Sophion instruments and analyze your data more efficiently, watch our online library of application video tutorials:

  • Sophion Analyzer – Basics
  • Sophion Analyzer – How to export raw data
  • Sophion Analyzer – How to use queries to organize experiments and jobs
  • Sophion Analyzer – How to make grouped Hill fits
  • Sophion Analyzer – Standard transformation to calculate current density

Online technical video tutorials

Watch our online library of technical video tutorials and learn how to secure a stable operation of your system for maximum instrument uptime:

  • How to clean the bed-of-nails on QPatch
  • How to change the bed-of-nails on QPatch
  • How to save a debug file on QPatch
  • Waste container overflow sensor on QPatch II
  • How to perform a spit test on QPatch II
  • Test of the Festo pressure system on QPatch II
  • How to change a pipette on QPatch II
  • Spare part suitcase for QPatch II
  • How to clean the manifold on your QPatch II
  • How to remove the service hatch on Qube 384
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