Sophion software

There is a wide range of software included in Sophion’s platforms, including robotic control software, embedded software, user-facing application software, and analysis software.

Our software is developed by a dedicated team of experts in their respective fields, such as signal processing, statistical data analysis, robotics, and user interface. We also have an in-depth knowledge of the automated patch clamping application field. Our daily collaboration with our customers enables us to gain valuable insights into the research, protocols, quality parameters, workflows, and procedures used in electrophysiology groups and HTS labs.

Sophion software is under continuous development, and always with the user in mind.

Easy user interfaces

For an efficient laboratory, everyone should be able to operate an automated patch clamp instrument easily. We ensure that our user interfaces are easy to use so you can:

  • Reduce human errors
  • Ensure fast training and onboarding
  • Enable fluent staff rotation
  • Eliminate operator-to-operator variation

We tested QPatch II and found that even untrained personnel can start an assay within 10 minutes.

Sophion assay software automated patch clamp solutions

Sophion Analyzer software

Vast patch-clamp data sets are easily obtained with automated patch clamping, necessitating rapid and automated data handling. Sophion Analyzer leads the industry by providing advanced data analysis on hundreds or thousands of experiments simultaneously and maintaining the high information content characteristic of patch-clamp experiments.

Our Sophion Analyzer allows for fast, automatic analysis of large data sets. The software is designed to set up experimental assays and subsequently analyze the data by setting up cursors for measurement and selecting different analysis methods as well as fitting procedures.

Once the methods have been chosen for one data set, additional data is automatically evaluated similarly when included in the analysis project. Thereby, you have a consistent and objective analysis of data. For documentation purposes, reports with user-defined content allow the automatic and quick presentation of graphs and data tables.

  • Traceability – the user can track all changes
  • It can run on any PC
  • Security – raw data is protected against modifications
  • Accessibility – remote access to data is possible via LAN or the Internet
  • Simplicity – template-based and designed for ease of use
  • Integration – standardized export formats for Genedata and FDA

To learn more how you can use the Sophion Analyzer, read the poster by Sophion Bioscience.

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