hiPSC-derived cardiomyocyte recordings using physiological solutions on QPatch II


Application Report


Kadla Røskva Rosholm, Mads P G Korsgaard



In summary, it is possible to perform measurements on QPatch II of hiPSC-CMs in physiological ringers with voltage-gated assays yielding up to 50% success rate, depending on the ion channel target. These measurements demonstrate a heterogeneous expression of the cardiac ion channels, which consequently lowers the success rates (up to 20%) of action potential measurements. As 1) the hiPSC-CM quality and maturity increases and 2) cell suspension preparation is further optimized, we expect the throughput of these measurements to increase. Eventually, we envision that APC can be used as a characterization tool to assist the continuous development of hiPSC-CMs as well as for cardiac drug screening and disease modelling.

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