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QPatch Compact

QPatch® Compact provides affordable access to high-fidelity electrophysiological data without the hassle required to set up, maintain and master a manual rig.

With the use of 1-8 sites in parallel, QPatch Compact provides sufficient throughput to rapidly obtain replicas and fuel data generation for your next publication – or your medicinal chemistry program.

You do the pipetting –

QPatch Compact does the rest


While QPatch and Qube 384 are designed for laboratories with a need for medium to high throughput data generation, QPatch Compact is designed for the busy laboratory that needs easier access to patch-clamp data than they have today or does not have the months of time or patience needed to master the skills for the operation of a manual patch-clamp rig. With QPatch Compact, anyone can learn to patch-clamp in less than half an hour.

QPatch Compact – a bench-top semi-automated patch-clamp solution that offers the flexibility of manual patch clamp with the robustness and ease of use known from the QPatch and Qube solutions.



….and I am interested in increasing throughput and making patch-clamp available to anyone who comes to our laboratory
…. and would love to have access to in-house patch-clamp data, but cannot justify an investment in a full APC system
…but I want to get rid of using seal enhancers and need a system that is easier to use









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