Sophion scientist is giving application support

We help you set-up and maintain high quality assays

Laboratories are constantly striving to be more productive and maintain consistency, and quality of their research, while keeping costs as low as possible. As your Services partner, we collaborate closely with you whenever and wherever you need us.

We are experienced electrophysiologists

At Sophion Bioscience, we have an experienced team of application scientists, who can help you troubleshoot issues and provide guidance for setting up your next assay protocol for the highest success rates and data results. Our team has extensive experience in electrophysiology, tissue culture, and automated patch clamping, including advanced knowledge in data analysis.

Team up with your dedicated application scientist

We are committed to helping you get the most out of your Sophion instrument. As a Sophion customer, you are assigned a dedicated application scientist with knowledge and experience in your ion channel assays.

After installation, the application scientist will spend 3-5 days with you in your laboratory. Together, you will transfer your electrophysiological assays to your new Sophion platform, and you will be provided comprehensive training and onsite application support to give you the best start.

Additionally, you can request a visit from your application scientist to train you and your team on new functionality, assist with setting up new assays, and support welcoming new colleagues to your team. Furthermore, we hold annual training seminars at Sophion laboratories in Copenhagen, Boston, and Tokyo, where you can learn the latest or get answers to specific questions about your Sophion instrument.

With a service plan, you can count on us to provide optimal service coverage. Thereby, building a long-term partnership for the lifetime of your instrument. We can help you find the best service plan for your needs.

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  • "A good field service and application support from Sophion enable us to sustain our operations with minimal interruption or unnecessary delays"

    Caterina Virginio, PhD, Evotec, Discovery Electrophysiology Senior Manager

  • "Sophion provides the best solution for us when it comes to system, service, and support. Thanks to a long-term collaboration, the majority of B'SYS cell lines are validated for use across Sophion’s APC platforms"

    Daniel Konrad, MD, B’SYS GmbH, CEO

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