QChips - Sophion

High performance measurement plates with integrated electrodes


An essential part of the Qube system is the measurement plate, the QChip 384. Sophion has an extensive knowledge of making cells seal tightly on to planar surfaces and handling liquids in micro fluidic channels. This has been miniaturized to find room for 384 measurement sites on a standard SBS footprint. There are different QChips but the all provide:

  • Giga-seal technology
  • 384 Integrated electrode pairs
  • Maintenance free and ready to use
  • Capable of long (> 1 hour) experiments with no electrode drift
  • Precise liquid handling in micro-fluidic flow channels

Choose your QChip version depending on your needs

QChip 384 –   Single-hole per measurement site
QChip 384X – 10-hole per measurement site
QChip 384D – Varying number of holes
QChip 384C – Custom number of holes and hole sizes

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