QPatch Commander - the perfect liquid handler

Create easy to use liquid handling protocols with QPatch ll Commander. The intuitive software makes it simple to create customized sequences. You can use single or multiple pipettes and dispense liquids in wells or in tubes. The robot can handle volumes between 1µl to 205µl. QPatch ll Commander allows the user to extend the uses of the QPatch ll and greater flexibility.

QPatch II Commander is and easy way to do compound dilutions, transfer liquids, retrieve compounds or control robot precision and accuracy. QPatch can be used as liquid handler, if you do not have one at hand.

Create serial dilutions that meet your needs:

  • Precise serial dilutions every time
  • Full flexibility – use the serial dilutions when needed
  • Automate vital pipetting steps

Transfer liquids with high precision:

  • Automated sample preparation
  • Transfer liquids in a standardized manner
  • Split up a sample into multiple, smaller samples

Automated compound retrieval from used QPlates:

  • Collect liquid from the waste reservoir for further analysis
  • Re-use the sample for other bioassays

Validate robot functions for GLP measurements:

  • Verify robot functions such as delivery volumes, positions and aspirated volumes.
  • Can be used for GLP documentation

You can, of course, create more liquid handling protocols. The provided examples showcase the capabilities of QPatch II Commander in enhancing your laboratory operations.

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