Current Clamp & Adaptive current clamp add-on

Take advantage of the unique adaptive current clamp


Combining voltage and current clamp – allows for detailed ion channel characterization

With a Sophion solution, you can conduct current-clamp experiments and switch between voltage clamp and current clamp measurement modes within the same sweep and protocol.

Adding Sophion’s unique adaptive current clamp feature allows you to automatically measure cell-specific parameters and apply a unique current value for each cell. Almost like manual patch clamp, each cell can now be characterized independently, analyzed in real-time, and automatically exposed to individual current protocols.

Unique Sophion adaptive current clamp enables:

  • Use our unique adaptive current clamp to handle cells individually
  • Improves action potential phenotype
  • Corrects depolarized resting membrane potential
  • Increase success rate
  • Avoids clip detection
  • Combine multiple protocols – adaptive current clamp, adaptive voltage clamp and ligand-gated applications in the same sweep/experiment
  • Include up to 500 segments per protocol (down to 1 ms), with a user defined sampling rate up to 50 kHz

Adaptive current clamp can be added to all Sophion automated patch clamp solutions and is unique for Sophion products.

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  • "In the past, if I was lucky, I could fully test one compound for full dose responses on one ion channel in one day. Now I can test eight compounds on three ion channels and get full dose responses. It’s a huge difference"

    Nina Ottosson, Senior Research Coordinator, Linköping University, Department of Biomedical and Clinical Sciences, Division of Neurobiology

  • "We use the Sophion Analyzer software every day to check the quality of our cells and the variability of the results. This is important to decide if further re-runs or adaptations are necessary"

    Simon Hebeisen, PhD, B’SYS GmbH, CSO

  • "Using a QPatch or Qube is fairly simple. You can train someone up very quickly, within half a day, to use the instrument. In a few more days, they can generate data, conduct analysis, use the software and plot their data "

    Gary Clark, PhD, Metrion Biosciences, Director of Screening Technologies

  • "Sophion provides the best solution for us when it comes to system, service, and support. Thanks to a long-term collaboration, the majority of B'SYS cell lines are validated for use across Sophion’s APC platforms"

    Daniel Konrad, MD, B’SYS GmbH, CEO

  • "Our collaboration with Sophion and access to their expertise is a real-world example of what you can achieve with automated patch clamping and an expert supplier"

    Fredrik Elinder, Professor, Linköping University, Department of Biomedical and Clinical Sciences, Division of Neurobiology

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