Academia & Automated Patch Clamp

In academia, research is a central focus and is often funded by grants and awards from government agencies, private foundations, and other sources. The community is dedicated to pursuing knowledge and advancing research and education in various fields of study.

Semi-automated patch clamp provides institutions with a more cost-effective and efficient way to perform patch clamp ion channel recording, improving experimental standardization and reproducibility and ensuring educational opportunities for students and researchers.

Cost-effective automated patch clamp

Semi-automated patch clamp systems are less expensive than fully automated systems, making them more accessible to academic labs and universities with limited budgets. Thereby, increasing the use of electrophysiology techniques in research and educational institutions.

Optimize core laboratory efficiency

While investing in automated patch clamp systems in the past has been reserved for pharmaceutical companies, sharing equipment in core laboratories is getting more and more common in academic communities. By automating many of the time-consuming steps involved in manual patch clamp recordings provides significant time savings that staff can use for data analysis and assay optimization.

Cost-efficient electrophysiology knowledge sharing

Semi-automated patch clamp solutions provide students and researchers an easy way to learn about patch clamp techniques and electrophysiology. Access to these systems allows for cost-efficient teaching of the principles of patch clamp experiments and enables students to gain hands-on experience with electrophysiology techniques.

Improved data quality & accuracy

Semi-automated and automated patch clamp techniques provide highly accurate and reliable data, which helps institutions make better-informed decisions about drug development. Automating the process also eliminates the human error factor associated with manual patch clamp recordings. Thereby, improving the accuracy and reliability of data.

Reduced data variability

With semi-automated and automated patch clamp, researchers can reduce the data variability between different experiments, improving the consistency and reliability of their results. This helps ensure that the data generated by other labs are more comparable, leading to better data sharing and more efficient drug discovery.

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