Sophion cell lines

Stem cells & automated patch clamp

Qube and QPatch can run successful experiments on stem cells; however, be aware that the ion channel expression changes with the maturity of the iPSC cells, and iPSC cells often contain a mix of cells. We expect that to be improved going forward.

We recommend using QPatch for stem cell work since you can obtain good gigaseals and high success rates in physiological solutions, whereas you need fluoride on Qube. Alternative platforms on the market use seal-enhancing agents to obtain decent seals. QPatch can run experiments on iPSC stem cells and primary cells with a gigaseal rate above 95% and a success rate of up to 70% (Franz et al. 2017).

Optimal cell culture procedures are key to obtaining high-quality experiments, and the success rate is dependent on cell density. The lower limit for the cell density varies between cells provided by different vendors and even from batch to batch.

Click on the link below to view publications, videos, and application reports on iPSC cardiomyocytes and neurons.

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