Management Team

Sophion Bioscience is structured around developing and manufacturing solutions for automated patch clamping and cell lines. We are headquartered in Denmark and have subsidiaries in United States, Japan and China. Our Executive Management Team consists of the following people:

Sophion CEO Thais T Johansen
Thais Johansen
Sophion Jesper Haslund Supply chain manager
Jesper Haslund
Supply Chain and Manufacturing Manager
Sophion Michel Krall Jürgens Vice President, Global Sales
Michel Krall Jürgens
Vice President, Global Sales
Sophion Jørgen Due technical service manager
Jørgen Due
Technical Service Manager
Sophion Rasmus Bjørn Jacobsen application development manager
Rasmus B Jacobsen
Application Development & IT Manager
Michelle Qvotrup
Finance Manager
Samantha Cramer
Country Manager, North America
Sophion Yuji Tsurubuchi Country Manager Japan
Yuji Tsurubuchi
Country Manager, Japan
Sophion Kevin Zhang country manager China
Kevin Zhang
Country Manager, China

Board of Directors

Sophion Bioscience’s Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing the strategic management and direction of our affairs. The Board of Directors serves as a link between the company and its shareholders. It consists of the following members:

Sophion CEO Thais T Johansen
Thais Johansen
Peter Ehrenheim
Chairman of the board
Peter Max
Board member

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