Qube external data server solution

Managing Qube data efficiently with a Qube external data server solution


Qube external data server solution for easy data analysis and storage

The Qube external data server solution makes it much easier to analyze Qube data supplied from external sources, such as Contract Research Organizations. Additionally, you can now organize and segment your extensive Qube data more efficiently, thus optimizing memory usage on the internal Qube hard drive.

Qube external data server solution enables:

Cat. No. SB3340 refers to
the software product and up to
five hours of on-site assistance for installation

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  • "We let Qube 384 run our large screening campaigns unattended during the night, so we can develop new assays on the same instruments during the day"

    Juha Kammonen, Charles River Laboratories, Senior Research Leader Early Discovery

  • "Using a QPatch or Qube is fairly simple. You can train someone up very quickly, within half a day, to use the instrument. In a few more days, they can generate data, conduct analysis, use the software and plot their data "

    Gary Clark, PhD, Metrion Biosciences, Director of Screening Technologies

  • "For over a decade, we have used Sophion QPatch to support hit-to-lead and lead optimization, in addition to cardiac safety profiling. The addition of a QPatch II and a Qube 384 upgrades and extends our capacity for these efforts and now adds a Sophion platform for electrophysiology-based high-throughput screening. "

    Caterina Virginio, PhD, Evotec, Discovery Electrophysiology Senior Manager

  • "We use the Sophion Analyzer software every day to check the quality of our cells and the variability of the results. This is important to decide if further re-runs or adaptations are necessary"

    Simon Hebeisen, PhD, B’SYS GmbH, CSO

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