Thursday 30th May 2024

09:30 AM Registration and coffee/tea
10:15 AM Welcome remarks Yuji Tsurubuchi - Sophion Bioscience K.K
Thais T. Johansen - Sophion Bioscience A/S
Session 1 Chair: Yoshihiro Kubo - National Institute for Physiological Sciences, Japan
10:30 AM Regulation and function of store-operated and mechanosensitive Ca2+ channels in immune cells Nicholas Demaurex - University of Geneva, Switzerland
10:55 AM Dynamic remodeling of TRPC channelsomes regulates coordianation of calcium and nitric oxide signals self introduction Yasuo Mori - Kyoto University, Japan
11:20 AM Mechanistic insights into Kv7 channel modulators Sara Liin - Linköping University, Sweden
11:45 AM Structural insights into the ion selectivity of potassium-selective channelrhodopsins Seiya Tajima - University of Tokyo, Japan
12:10 PM Lunch and poster presentations
Session 2 Chair: Yasuo Mori - Kyoto University, Japan
01:45 PM Lipid and small molecule modulation of pacemaker channels Crina Nimigean - Cornell University, USA
02:10 PM Optical modulation of ion channel activity by opsin, light-sensitive GPCR Hisao Tsukamoto - Kobe University, Japan
02:35 PM Drug-induced arrhythmia: unraveling triggers and substrates in animal and cellular models Hiroko Izumi-Nakaseko - Toho University, Japan
03:00 PM Leakage of the hydrophobic gate determines voltage and Ca2+ dependent activation of BK channels Jianmin Cui - Washington University, USA
03:25 PM Tea/coffee - poster presentations
Session 3 Chair: Jianmin Cui - Washington University, USA
04:00 PM CatSper channels: fertility and contraceptive advocacy. Jean-Ju Chung - Yale University, USA
04:25 PM Differences in functional properties between acid-sensitive chloride channels and volume-sensitive chloride channels Kaori Sato-Numata - Akita University, Japan
04:50 PM The heat sensitivity of TRPV1 from tailed amphibians which prefer cooler environments Osamu Saitoh - Nagahama Institute of Bioscience and Technology, Japan
05:15 PM News & views from Sophion Sophion Bioscience A/S
05:40 PM Closing remarks and wrap up Duncan Jarman - Sophion Bioscience A/S
06:30 PM Dinner reception at Sanjo Kaikan

Friday 31st May 2024

09:15 AM Tea/coffee
09:45 AM Welcome remarks Yuji Tsurubuchi - Sophion Bioscience K.K
Session 4 Chair: Sara Liin - Linköping University, Sweden
09:50 AM Development of RyR2 specific inhibitors and verification of their antiarrhythmic effects in mouse models Nagomi Kurebayashi - Juntendo University, Japan
10:15 AM KATP-driven Cantu syndrome and AIMS: from mechanism to therapy Conor McClenaghan - Rutgers, USA
10:40 AM Regulation of autophagy by the intracellular Ca2+ channel TRPML3 Hyun Jin Kim - Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine, Korea
11:05 AM Tea/coffee - poster session
Session 5 Chair: Yasushi Okamura - Osaka University, Japan
11:50 AM High-Speed Atomic Force Microscopy (HS-AFM): Structure and Dynamics of Ion Channel at the Single Molecule Level Simon Scheuring - Cornell University, USA
12:15 PM Novel mechanisms underlying the ion selectivity of pathological mutants of GIRK channels I-Shan Chen - Wakayama Medical University, Japan
12:40 PM Venomous Voltage: Unraveling the Interactions Between Toxins and Ion Channels Anissa Bara - Sophion Bioscience, Denmark
01:05 PM Lunch and poster session
Session 6 Chair: Hironori Ohshiro - Sophion Bioscience K.K.
02:30 PM Phasic and tonic glial GABA differentially transduce for olfactory adaptation and neuronal aging Lijun Kang - Zhejiang University, China
02:55 PM Zinc-mediated inhibition of the sperm-specific potassium channel Slo3. Riziki Tsari Andriani - Osaka University, Japan
03:20 PM The activity regulation by the selective filter residues in prokaryotic sodium channel Katsumasa Irie - Wakayama Medical University, Japan
03:45 PM Closing remarks and wrap up Michel Krall Jürgens - Sophion Bioscience A/S