Validation of KV7.X channel assays using the Qube 384 automated patch-clamp platform


ICMS 2022 UK


Olena Fedorenko, Amy Brook, Sarah Williams & Juha Kammonen



KV7 (KCNQ) channels are voltage-gated K+ channels with major roles in neurons, muscle cells and epithelia. The biophysical properties of KV7 channels make them essential in controlling the activity of
excitable cells1. They produce currents that are voltage-activated, slowly activating and non-inactivating, such as neuronal M current and cardiac IKs2. These channels often work as ‘excitability brakes’3 and are
targeted by various hormones and modulators to regulate cellular activity outputs. Genetic deficiencies in KCNQ genes result in human excitability disorders, including epilepsy, arrhythmias and deafness4, making
KV7 channels an attractive target for pharmaceutical research.

The aim of the present work was to demonstrate using the Sophion Qube 384-well APC platform for robust and reproducible KV7 currents recordings, suitable for fast and reliable drug testing.

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