Wednesday 19th June 2024

08:00 AM Registration and coffee
09:00 AM Welcome remarks Sophion Bioscience
Session 1
09:15 AM Biomarkers identification for drug-induced cardiotoxicity: The necessity of combining human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes and high-throughput electrophysiological assays Filomain Nguemo - University of Cologne, Germany
09:40 AM Regulation of Kv7.1 channel by KCNE proteins Koichi Nakajo - Jichi Medical University, Japan
10:05 AM Towards subtype-specific treatment of HCN channel dysfunctions Anna Moroni - University of Milan, Italy
10:30 AM Tea/coffee - exhibits & poster session
11:15 AM Ventricular Kir6.1 channels: Exploring their functional significance in ischemic preconditioning and infarction models Sean Brennan - Liverpool University, UK
11:40 AM Ion Channels as Therapeutic Targets for Parkinson’s Disease Ines El Bini Dhouib - Institute Pastear, Tunis, Tunisia
12:05 PM TRPC6-mediated Zn2+ influx as a cardiotonic mediator Motohiro Nishida - Kyushu University, Japan
12:30 PM TBA Taufiq Rahman - Cambridge University
12:55 PM Lunch - exhibits and poster session
Session 2
02:00 PM Probing ion channels on motor pathways sheds light on pathophysiological mechanisms and key drug targets in motor neurodegeneration Fernanda Cardoso - University of Queensland, Australia
02:25 PM Kv3 channel positive allosteric modulators as a precision medicine approach for the treatment of progressive myoclonic epilepsy Martin Gunthorpe - Autifony, UK
02:50 PM The physiology of the vascular TMEM16A anion channel: implications for therapy Paolo Tammaro - Oxford University, UK
03:15 PM Tea/coffee - exhibits & poster sessions
04:00 PM Papaverine-induced ventricular arrythmias related to genetic variants of SCN5A encoding the cardiac sodium channel Nav1.5 channels: not just an affair of the heart Ralf Hausmann - Aachen University, Germany
04:25 PM Olfactory marker protein buffers cAMP to segregate olfactory neuronal activities via CNG and HCN channels Noriyuki Nakashima - Kurume University, Japan
04:50 PM Sophion News & Views TBA
05:15 PM Wrap up
05:30 PM Drinks reception in the Scholars' Garden
07:00 PM Dinner at the Great Hall, Clare College

Thursday 20th June 2024

08:00 AM Registration & coffee
Session 3
09:00 AM Welcome remarks
09:05 AM Unlocking the Contribution of NALCN to Cortical Circuit Function and Neurodevelopmental Disorders Isabel Del Pino - Institute of Neuroscience (Spanish National Research Council and Miguel Hernandez University), Spain
09:30 AM Identification and characterisation of nematode ligand gated ion channels Iris Hardege - Cambridge University, UK
09:55 AM Kv7 channels go cycling. Oestrogenic regulation of channel activity Iain Greenwood - St George's London, UK
10:20 AM Tea/coffee, exhibits & poster session
11:15 AM Structural basis of TRP channels mutations as susceptibility factors of neuropathic pain Roberta Gualdani - Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium
11:40 AM Structural determinants of the direct inhibition of GIRK channels by Sigma-1 receptor antagonist Chang Liu - National Institute for Physiological Sciences, Japan
12:05 PM Potassium channel-targeted small molecule discovery from plants Geoff Abbott - University of California, Irvine, USA
12:30 PM Targeting the small membrane (M) viroporin of Zika virus Stephen Griffin - University of Leeds, UK
12:55 PM Lunch - exhibits & poster session
Session 4
02:00 PM Insights into CaV2.2 trafficking and function Annette Dolphin - University College London, UK
02:25 PM Insights into the molecular pharmacology of GABA-A receptors Paul Miller - Cambridge University, UK
02:50 PM TMEM175 functions as a lysosomal ion channel, but what does it conduct? Gerhard Thiel - Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany
03:15 PM TBA Damian Bell - Sophion Bioscience A/S
03:40 PM Wrap up