Sophion Bioscience is partnering with the University of Leeds, UK to provide a joint ‚ÄėPhD studentship‚Äô

Ion channel targeted drugs are a mainstay of modern medicine, comprising around twenty percent of licensed agents. These are used to treat myriad conditions affecting cardiovascular, neurological, metabolic, and renal physiology, amongst others. This success builds upon an established and intricate understanding of electrophysiology, structural biology, and medicinal chemistry.

In an MRC DiMeN Doctoral Training Partnership with leading experts prof. Stephen Griffin, Richard Foster, Jonathan Lippiat & Antreas Kalli at the University of Leeds, we are ‚ÄúChanneling the ‚Äėhole‚Äô story: future pandemic Coronavirus therapeutics through an integrated understanding of virus-encoded ion channel¬†electrophysiology‚ÄĚ.

Students will become highly adept in electrophysiology and molecular analysis of viral proteins, as well as BSL3 virus culture including infection of primary patient tissue, structural modelling and molecular dynamics, and chemical probe development.

Sophion automated patch clamp technology and methods are available to study viroporin gating and conductance, including high throughput technologies to assess function at the cellular level, as well as the selection of improved chemical probes suitable for future therapeutic development.

This an excellent opportunity to expand your knowledge and expertise in the exciting field of ion channel research.

Application deadline:    17th December 2023
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