Wnt peptides control mammalian cancer cell membrane potential




Jonathan Ashmore, Hervør Olsen, Naja Sørensen, Chris Thrasivoulou , Aamir Ahmed



PC3 cells are an epithelial prostate tumour cell line. A range of Wnts triggers a delayed Ca2+ rise [1] in these and other cancer cell lines. Recorded in patch clamp the cells have low membrane potential [2] but exhibit an outward current activated apparently at (non-physiological) positive potentials [3]. The main candidate channel carrying this K+ current is the BK(Ca) α subunit although a KCNN4 channel is also reported [4]. Without baseline subtraction, a small ‘leak’ current is sometimes apparent in recordings. All of these currents
are modulated by Wnts as described below.


Keywords: Wnt

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