The E15R Point Mutation in Scorpion Toxin Cn2 Uncouples Its Depressant and Excitatory Activities on Human NaV1.6


Journal of Medicinal Chemistry


Mathilde R. Israel, Panumart Thongyoo, Jennifer R. Deuis, David J. Craik, Irina Vetter, Thomas Durek



We report the chemical synthesis of scorpion toxin Cn2, a potent and highly selective activator of the human voltage-gated sodium channel NaV1.6. In an attempt to decouple channel activation from channel binding, we also synthesized the first analogue of this toxin, Cn2[E15R]. This mutation caused uncoupling of the toxin’s excitatory and depressant activities, effectively resulting in a NaV1.6 inhibitor. In agreement with the in vitro observations, Cn2[E15R] is antinociceptive in mouse models of NaV1.6-mediated pain.

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