Targeting the LPA1 signaling pathway for fibrosis therapy: a patent review (2010-present)


Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Patents


Gu, Z., Yan, Y., Yao, H., Lin, K., & Li, X.



Fibrosis is a disease that damages organs and even causes death. Because of the complicated pathogenesis, the development of drugs for fibrosis is challenging. In the lysophosphatidic acid receptor type 1 (LPA1) signaling pathway, LPA1 and its downstream Rho-associated coiled-coil forming protein kinase (ROCK) are related to the process of fibrosis. Targeting LPA1 signaling pathway is a potential strategy for the treatment of fibrosis. Area covered: This review describes the process of fibrosis mediated by the LPA1 signaling pathway and then summarizes LPA1 antagonist patents reported since 2010 and ROCK inhibitor patents since 2017 according to their scaffolds based on the Cortellis Drug Discovery Intelligence database. Information on LPA1 antagonists entering clinical trials is integrated. Expert opinion: Over the past decade, a large number of antagonists targeting the LPA1 signaling pathway have been patented for fibrosis therapy. A limited number of compounds have entered clinical trials. Different companies and research groups have used different scaffolds when designing com- pounds for fibrosis therapy. Therefore, LPA1 and ROCK are competitive targets for the development of new therapies for fibrosis to provide a potential treatment method for fibrosis in the future.

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