Screening assay protocols targeting the Nav1.7 Channel using Qube, a high-throughput automated patch clamp system


Current Protocols in Pharmacology


Binbin Qian, Sung H Park, Weifeng Yu



This article describes the basic procedure for setting up the screening protocol and recording data for Nav1.7 on a Qube automated patch-clamp system. Three protocols along with step-by-step details are provided. First, we describe a protocol to estimate Vhalf , the voltage at which half of the channels are inactivated, using traditional steady-state inactivation measurement as well as a new adaptive online estimation. Second, we establish a state-dependent protocol using adaptive online Vhalf measurement to obtain a concentration-response curve (CRC) on known reference blockers. Last, we introduce a use-dependent protocol. In our hands, the sample reference demonstrated good state- and use-dependent inhibition of Nav1.7.

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