Large molecules on QPatch: IgG antibodies against α-cobratoxin as novel antivenom


Application Report


Kim Boddum, Sophion Bioscience, Line Ledsgaard, Tropical Pharmacology lab, DTU



To determine if engineered IgG anti-α-cobratoxin antibodies would prevent the blocking of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor, a protocol was set up using QPatch II. Here we show that:

  • QPatch II is well suited for efficiently characterizing both peptide toxins and antibody function.
  • Current induced by adding acetylcholine could be abolished completely using α-cobratoxin, and that this effect could be reversed by preincubating the toxin with different IgGs before injection.
  • Prevention of current inhibition by the IgGs was dose-dependent, and the potency of different IgGs could be determined using this method.
  • Increased affinity between the IgGs and α-cobratoxin resulted in higher neutralization potency.

Keywords: Large molecules

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