Internal solution exchange on Qube


Sophion Application Report


D. Sauter



Internal addition of compounds targeting the chloride channel CIC-1. A robust assay with good pharmacology and high Z-score

  • A robust assay of ClC-1 with Z’ constantly >0.5
  • Biophysical and pharmacological characteristics as expected for ClC-1
  • Qube offers the possibility to apply compounds both intra- and extracellularly
  • Advanced analysis of compound effects on channel kinetics are available at a few click

In this report, we show a ClC-1 assay on Qube that shows biophysical characteristics as expected for ClC-1. We further introduce Sophion`s Analyzer software that allows rapid analysis of large data sets to answer advanced electrophysiological questions, in the present case: What is the mode of action of a novel, unknown compound?

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