Endogenous Ion Channels of Mammalian Cell Lines Characterization


Sophion Bioscience


Søren Friis, Rasmus B Jacobsen, Morten Sunesen, Dorthe Nielsen, Nadia Larsen, Chris Mathes, Niels Willumsen



A large number of mammalian cell lines are commercially available to be used as expression systems for membrane or cytoplasmal proteins. A number of voltage and ligand gated ion channels of potential interest for the pharmaceutical industry are endogenously expressed in several CNS and non-CNS cell lines including TTX-sensitive Na+ channels, Ca2+-release activated Ca2+ (CRAC) channels, inward rectifier K+ channels, acid-sensing ion channels (ASIC) and muscarinic alpha-adrenergic receptors mAChR). We have explored the applicability of five commonly employed cell lines from American Type Culture Collection (ATTC) for use with Sophions QPatchTM automated patch clamp systems (QPatch 16 and QPatch HT) and characterized the ion channel types that they endogenously express. Specificly we have explored:

  • Suitability for automated patch clamp studies
  • Background ionic currents that may interfere
    with currents of experimentally expressed ion
  • Possible use for characterizing ion channels of
    interest without the need to experimentally
    introduce their genes (expression)

The tests have led to the development of a number of simple standard operation procedures (SOPs) for employment of the cell lines in QPatch characterizations of ion channels.

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