Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of tetrahydronaphthyridine derivatives as bioavailable CDK4/6 inhibitors for cancer therapy


European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry


Chuantao Zha, Wenjia Deng, Yan Fu, Shuai Tang, Xiaojing Lan, Yan Yea, Yi Su, Lei Jiang, Yi Chen, Ying Huang, Jian Ding, Meiyu Geng, Min Huang, Huixin Wan



CDK4/6 pathway is an attractive chemotherapeutic target for antitumor drug discovery and development. Herein, we reported the structure-based design and synthesis of a series of novel tetrahydronaphthyridine analogues as selective CDK4/6 inhibitors. Compound 5 was identified as a hit and then systematically structure optimization study was conducted. These efforts led to compound 28, which exhibited excellent in vitro potencies against CDK4/6 enzymatic activity with high selectivity over CDK1, and against Colo-205 cell growth. The compound demonstrated favorable in vitro metabolic and robust mice pharmacokineticproperties. In Colo-205 xenograft models, compound 28 showed potent tumor growth inhibition with acceptable toxic effects, which could serve as a novel anticancer agent for further preclinical study.

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