Cardiac safety assessment with motion field imaging analysis of human iPS cell-derived cardiomyocytes is improved by an integrated evaluation with cardiac ion channel profiling


J Toxicol Sci. 2019;44(12):859-870


Isobe T, Honda M, Komatsu R, Tabo M



We validated a motion field imaging (MFI) assay with human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes (hiPS-CMs) as a model to assess multiple cardiac liabilities by comparing the guinea-pig Langendorff heart with hiPS-CMs using 4 reference compounds and 9 internal compounds. We investigated repolarization duration, beating rate (BR), conduction speed, contractility, and inhibitory profile of three cardiac ion channels: hERG, Cav1.2, and Nav1.5. For repolarization, the contraction-relaxation duration (CRDc) of hiPS-CMs was generally consistent with the QTc interval of Langendorff heart. However, 2 internal compounds shortened CRDc despite QTc prolongation in Langendorff heart. Cardiac ion channel profiling revealed that hiPS-CMs could not be used to detect QTc prolongation when the value of Cav1.2 IC50 / hERG IC50 for a compound was between 1 and 10, whereas hiPS-CMs showed responses largely consistent with Langendorff heart when Cav1.2 IC50 / hERG IC50 was below 1 or above 10. The accuracy of hiPS-CMs for the BR was not high, mainly because the BR of hiPS-CMs was increased by inhibition of Cav1.2. The hiPS-CMs were highly sensitive to conduction speed and contractility, able to detect QRS widening caused by Nav1.5-inhibition, as well as decreased LVdP/dtmax caused by the inhibition of Cav1.2 and/or Nav1.5. In conclusion, the MFI assay with hiPS-CMs would be useful for evaluating multiple cardiac liabilities. The ion channel profile helps to interpret the results of MFI assay and correctly evaluate cardiac risks. Therefore, an integrated cardiac safety assessment with MFI and ion channel profiling is recommended.

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