Biophysical and pharmacological profiling of multiple Nav subtypes on QPatch HT


Biophysics 2016


Anders Lindqvist, Søren Friis, Mette T. Christensen & Mads P.G. Korsgaard



The new clone screening feature developed for QPatch HT and QPatch 16 allows running up to eight different cell lines (clones or subtypes) at the same time, thus ensuring that the exact same conditions – such as temperature, Ringer’s, pH etc. – are applied for each of the cell lines tested. On QPatch HT each of the eight cell lines are applied to six separate sites on the measurement plate, QPlate 48. After the experiment is finished the data for each cell type can be tracked and compared easily using the advanced analysis functionalities in the QPatch Assay Software. In our study, seven subtypes of the voltage gated sodium channel, Nav1.1 αβ1, 1.2 α, 1.3 αβ1, 1.4 αβ1, 1.6 αβ1, 1.7 αβ1 and Nav1.8 α, were tested in parallel on QPatch HT, using the cell cone screening feature. Experiments were designed to explore 1) TTX sensitivity, 2) IV-relationship for activation and inactivation, for the entire panel of Nav channel subtypes in a single experiment. Thus several different voltage protocols were used in the same experiment.

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