Automated and manual patch clamp data of human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived dopaminergic neurons


Nature Scientific Data


Denise Franz, Hervør Lykke Olsen, Oliver Klink & Jan Gimsa



Human induced pluripotent stem cells can be differentiated into dopaminergic neurons (Dopa.4U). Dopa.4U neurons expressed voltage-gated NaV and KV channels and showed neuron-like spontaneous electrical activity. In automated patch clamp measurements with suspended Dopa.4U neurons, delayed rectifier K+ current (delayed KV) and rapidly inactivating A-type K+ current (fast KV) were identified. Examination of the fast KV current with inhibitors yielded IC50 values of 0.4 mM (4-aminopyridine) and 0.1 mM (tetraethylammonium). In manual patch clamp measurements with adherent Dopa.4U neurons, fast KVcurrent could not be detected, while the delayed KV current showed an IC50 of 2 mM for 4-aminopyridine. The NaV channels in adherent and suspended Dopa.4U neurons showed IC50 values for tetrodotoxin of 27 and 2.9 nM, respectively. GABA-induced currents that could be observed in adherent Dopa.4U neurons could not be detected in suspended cells. Application of current pulses induced action potentials in approx. 70 % of the cells. Our results proved the feasibility of automated electrophysiological characterization of neuronal cells.

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