Advancing Ion Channel Research with Automated Patch Clamp (APC) Electrophysiology Platforms


Ion Channels in Biophysics and Physiology (pp. 21–32). Springer Singapore


Bell, D. C., & Dallas, M. L.



Since its development on the cusp of the new millennium, automated patch clamp (APC) technology has matured over the last two decades. The increased throughput it afforded promised a new paradigm in ion channel recordings: It offered the potential to overcome the time-consuming, low-throughput bottleneck arising from manual patch clamp (MPC) investigations. This chapter highlights the advances in technology, showing how APC platforms have ‘democratised’ ion channel recordings, lowering the technical bar whilst substantially raising throughput. It will describe the background of the seminal first-generation and updates on advances in second-generation platforms. Furthermore, the chapter summarises the advances APC has made in ion channel studies, including finding new tool compounds and medicines. New functionality and applications on APC platforms give ion channel researchers flexible tools to study ion channels with high quality and high throughput.

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