Adaptive voltage protocols increase precision of voltage-gated ion channel measurements on high-throughput automated patch clamp platforms


ICMS 2019 UK


Sarah Williams & Juha Kammonen



Voltage-gated sodium (NaV) channels are studied extensively due to their potential as targets for several indications, such as pain, epilepsy, cardiac and muscle paralysis. Some NaV channel modulators show state-dependence and bind preferentially to the inactivated state of the channel. The potency of state-dependent compounds is known to vary depending on the percentage inactivation of the channels.

To calculate accurate compound activity the precise value for the VHalf of inactivation should be used for each cell. The adaptive protocol block for the Sophion Qube 384-well automated patch clamp platform has made it possible to separately define the voltage applied to individual wells for both the activation and inactivation of the channels. This enables the generation of more precise data for voltage-gated ion channels.

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