Sophion amplifiers - designed for throughput and accuracy

Sophion patch clamp amplifiers are developed in-house. Our amplifiers offer unique features such as adaptive voltage and current clamp, as well as automatic compensation for series resistance (Rs), cell capacitance (Cslow), and up to 300 nA maximal current. These unique features contribute to the quality recordings that are regarded as a hallmark of our Sophion platforms.

  • Voltage clamp (conventional and adaptive)
  • Current clamp (conventional and adaptive)
  • Voltage and current clamp in the same sweep
  • Series resistance compensation (Rs) (Up to 100%)
  • Cell capacitance compensation (Cslow)
  • Minimal noise
  • Up to 300 nA maximal current

Designed for automated patch clamp

From the platform of the screening station, a ‘bed-of-nails’ connects the patch clamp electrodes directly with the amplifier front ends. This distance is critical and minimized to reduce any noise pick-up from the surroundings.

Multiple patch clamp amplifiers are implemented on a standard printed circuit board, enabling all amplifiers to be positioned near the patch-clamp electrodes. Due to their small size, Sophion amplifiers are ideally suited for extensive parallelism and provide considerable scalability.

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