Sophion-webinar-on-novel-patch clamp-assays

Did you miss our webinar novel patch clamp assays to advance pain research?

Don’t miss out on the valuable insights shared in last week’s webinar on the role of ion channels in pain signaling, particularly in the context of chronic pain conditions. Whether you missed it or want to rewatch it, the recorded webinar is now available for viewing.

First, Daniel Sauter, Scientific Sales Manager, Sophion Bioscience, Inc., gave an overview highlighting assays for typical pain targets recombinantly expressed in model cells and a concise introduction to the utilization of iPSC-derived DRG neurons in pain research. Reza Ghovanloo, a Neuroscientist at Yale School of Medicine, presented their groundbreaking study on recording currents from freshly isolated DRG neurons.

Click below to access the recorded webinar and learn more about Ion Channels in Pain: