Case story: How automated patch clamp technology is playing a key role for B’SYS in delivering high-quality and reliable cell lines

B’SYS is a Swiss-based niche contract research organization specializing in cell culture and biomedical research applications for ion channel drug discovery. Offering the best service and customer satisfaction is always of the highest priority at B’SYS – and Sophion Bioscience’s automated patch clamp technology is playing a key role in their journey.

The company’s first QPatch was installed in 2009 and now B‘SYS has 4 QPatch instruments running in its lab. Over the years, the collaboration has expanded and today Sophion sells a large number of cell lines from B‘SYS.

The specific timeframe for developing a cell line all depends on its complexity. But the B’SYS team has proven time and again that the size of an organization and speed are not always connected. What’s important is having the right setup and knowledge. “It takes a lot of time and effort to produce cell lines – particularly when it comes to validation and meeting customer expectations. It’s a whole ecosystem within B’SYS to create these cell lines,” says Daniel Konrad.

The B’SYS team is very experienced in operating the Sophion instruments, and they have expert knowledge of cell cultures – the perfect setup for optimizing both instruments and cells in parallel. As the collaboration moves forward, Sophion will continue offering guidance for working with cell lines, such as how the cell lines need to be cultivated in order to get the best results with the QPatch – knowledge that B’SYS can directly transfer to its clients.

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