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QPatch II temperature control available for preorder

Ensures constant temperature test after test, day after day. High precision and accuracy ensured by integrated temperature sensor and active feedback loop. Range from 15 to 42°C. Read more here

Adaptive voltage protocols now available on both Qube 384 and QPatch II.

Adaptive voltage protocols make it possible to individually estimate and define the voltage applied for each cell in an experiment, enabling the generation of tighter more precise data for voltage-gated ion channels.

Read more in this Application Report (Qube) and this Poster (QPatchII)


QPatch II

Improving the benchmark for cardiac safety

Qube 384

High throughput ion channel screening made easy

Disease areas


Ion channels are involved in both initiating and transmitting pain


Ion channels are key in drug safety studies and important target for many heart diseases


Evidence suggest that ion channels play a key role in psychiatric diseases


Ion channels play an emerging role as potential drugable targets for cancer treatments


Read more about other disease areas driven by ion channel malfunction