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Sophion was founded by passionate electrophysiologists, all having the shared purpose of making automated patch clamp objective and independent of user skills to provide faster, more accurate and objective clamping results. We believe we have succeeded, but we are not done yet


Reliable high- and medium throughput screening methods such as the Sophion QPatch 48 have helped accelerate the drug discovery process for ion channel modulators

Zidar et Al 2017, Eur. J. Med. Chem.139


The benchmark for cardiac safety since 2004

Qube 384

High throughput ion channel screening made easy

Disease areas


Ion channels are involved in both initiating and transmitting pain


Ion channels are key in drug safety studies and important target for many heart diseases


Evidence suggest that ion channels play a key role in psychiatric diseases


Ion channels play an emerging role as potential drugable targets for cancer treatments


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