Perforated patch clamp recordings on Qube 384


Sophion Application Report


Kadla R. Rosholm



In patch clamp recordings cell dialysis of intracellular constituents can be minimized by employing perforated whole-cell formation.
This method allows electrical access to the cell while maintaining the integrity of the majority of cytoplasmic components. Here we report how to perform perforated patch clamp recordings on Qube 384 with or without the use of intracellular (IC) solution exchange (IC exchange).
• Recommendations for perforated patch clamp experiments with or without using IC exchange
• Comparison of four perforating agents (seal resistance, current level and success rate)
The first part of this report consists of a fast guide for using perforated patch on Qube 384, followed by an in-depth run-through of the experiments underlying our recommendations

Keywords: Perforated patch


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