New feature on QPatch – Adaptive Current Clamp




Kim Boddum, Mads P G Korsgaard



Sophion Biosciences’ Adaptive Current Clamp (ACC) is a technology that is used in conjunction with the QPatch automated patch clamp system. The ACC technology allows for the recording of action potentials in cells, which is useful in studying neuronal cells, cardiomyocytes, and other types of excitable cells. The ACC technology adjusts the current injection individually across all experiments during the patch-clamp recording to maintain a physiologically relevant resting membrane potential in each cell. This means that the current injection is adjusted in real-time to compensate for changes in the membrane potential caused by the cell’s activity and biological variation in general. This is in contrast to traditional current clamp techniques, where the current injection is fixed, and stimulation of action potentials can vary a lot, making the analysis and interpretation much more difficult. In other words, ACC reduces the data spread and enhances its useability. Learn more about how ACC as a powerful tool for studying the electrical properties of cells and the role of ion channels in physiology and disease.

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