hCav1.2 recordings on Qube 384 using step, train and CiPA protocols


Sophion application report


Melanie Schupp, Kadla R Rosholm



The development of screening assays for the CaV1.2 channel has been challenging due to the tendency of CaV1.2 expressing cell lines to exhibit declining current levels (rundown) during the experiment1,2. Here we report a robust CaV1.2 assay yielding high success rates, low rundown and reliable pharmacology.


Pharmacology and current-voltage relationship in accordance with literature values


Success rates up to 94%


Stable currents with rundown as low as (1.2 ± 0.9)% per minute


The CiPA protocol yields stable currents with rundown as low as (1 ± 1)% per minute

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