Fluorescence labeling of a Nav1.7-targeted peptide for near-infrared nerve visualization


EJNMMI Research


Junior Gonzales, Giacomo Pirovano, Chun Yuen Chow, Paula Demetrio de Souza Franca, Lukas M. Carter, Julie K. Klint, Navjot Guru, Jason S. Lewis, Glenn F. King & Thomas Reiner



Accidental peripheral nerve injury during surgical intervention results in a broad spectrum of potentially debilitating side effects. Tissue distortion and poor visibility can significantly increase the risk of nerve injury with long-lasting consequences for the patient. We developed and characterized Hs1a-FL, a fluorescent near-infrared molecule for nerve visualization in the operating theatre with the aim of helping physicians to visualize nerves during surgery. Hs1a was derived from the venom of the Chinese bird spider, Haplopelma schmidti, and conjugated to Cy7.5 dye. Hs1a-FL was injected intravenously in mice, and harvested nerves were imaged microscopically and with epifluorescence.

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