Discovery of JNJ-1802, a First-in-Class Pan-Serotype Dengue Virus NS4B Inhibitor


Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 67, no. 5 (2024): 4063–82.


Kesteleyn, Bart, Jean François Bonfanti, Dorothée Bardiot, Benoît De Boeck, Olivia Goethals, Suzanne J.F. Kaptein, Bart Stoops, et al.



Dengue is a global public health threat, with about half of the world’s population at risk of contracting this mosquito-borne viral disease. Climate change, urbanization, and global travel accelerate the spread of dengue virus (DENV) to new areas, including southern parts of Europe and the US. Currently, no dengue-specific small-molecule antiviral for prophylaxis or treatment is available. Here, we report the discovery of JNJ-1802 as a potent, pan-serotype DENV inhibitor (EC50’s ranging from 0.057 to 11 nM against the four DENV serotypes). The observed oral bioavailability of JNJ-1802 across preclinical species, its low clearance in human hepatocytes, the absence of major in vitro pharmacology safety alerts, and a dose-proportional increase in efficacy against DENV-2 infection in mice were all supportive of its selection as a development candidate against dengue. JNJ-1802 is being progressed in clinical studies for the prevention or treatment of dengue.

Keywords: Q1 2024

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