CHO-Kv1.3 and current clamp using Qube 384: another perspective of ion channel behavior


Application Report


Beatrice Badone, Stefano Stabilini, Edward Stevens



Current clamp recordings provide more physiologically relevant measurements of ion channel activity (in comparison to voltage clamp), allowing the contribution of different ion channel subtypes to resting membrane potential to be evaluated.

Here we demonstrate:

  • Due to their mode of action, some compounds display different
    potencies in voltage clamp and current clamp.
  • Qube 384 enables drug screening in current clamp mode,
    here demonstrated in a cell line stably expressing the KV1.3
    ion channel (success rate out of 384 wells of up to 65%).
  • Compounds blocking the KV1.3 channel, are evaluated for
    their ability to depolarize the cell membrane.


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