Advances in Ion Channel High Throughput Screening: Where Are We in 2023?


Expert Opinion on Drug Discovery December, no. 18 (2023): 1–7


Mark L Dallas and Damian Bell



Automated Patch Clamp (APC) technology has become an integral element in ion channel research, drug discovery and development pipelines to overcome the use of the highly time-consuming manual patch clamp (MPC) procedures. This automated technology offers increased throughput and promises a new model in obtaining ion channel recordings, which has significant relevance to the development of novel therapies and safety profiling of candidate therapeutic compounds. Areas covered: This article reviews the recent innovations in APC technology, including platforms, and highlights how they have facilitated usage in both industry and academia. The review also provides an overview of the ion channel research endeavors and how APC platforms have contributed to the understanding of ion channel research, pharmacological tools and therapeutics. Furthermore, the authors provide their opinion on the challenges and goals for APC technology going forward to accelerate academic research and drug discovery across a host of therapeutic areas. Expert opinion: It is clear that APC technology has progressed drug discovery programs, specifically in the field of neuroscience and cardiovascular research. The challenge for the future is to keep pace with fundamental research and improve translation of the large datasets obtained.

Keywords: Q4 2023


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