Case story: NMD Pharma is making a difference through electrophysiology – QPatch Compact offers customized control over experiments

Neuromuscular diseases are serious and often rare conditions with limited treatment options. NMD Pharma is hoping to change that treatment landscape. “We are working within our true core competencies – electrophysiology, physiology, and pharmacology – to produce therapies for people with neuromuscular diseases such as myasthenia gravis,” says Martin Gruwier Broch-Lips, Head of Biological Research at NMD Pharma.

With 15 years of basic research, NMD Pharma has been testing many compounds, and their research quickly developed into using the QPatch for counter-screening against other targets. Thereby, it was possible to test compounds on the human isoform of our targets instead of testing solely on rodent muscle tissue.

NMD Pharma made the switch to the QPatch Compact for several reasons. “Sophion’s QPatch sets the standard for automated patch clamp. However, we no longer needed the high throughput of the QPatch, and we were looking for even greater control over our experiments,” says Anders Riisager, Senior Scientist at NMD Pharma.

"With manual patch clamp, you have full control on every parameter, but the tradeoff is a very low throughput and particularly time-consuming experimentation. The QPatch Compact is an elegant compromise that gives us some key automation along with the control we need"

— Anders Riisager, Senior Scientist at NMD Pharma A/S
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