19 peer-reviewed papers from Sophion users in 1st quarter of 2024

Researchers using Sophion’s APC platforms have had another busy quarter, with 19 papers from their QPatch & Qube endeavors.

These are some ‘selected’ highlights to give you a flavor of this quarter’s publications:

  • The two Qubes in the Waxman lab at Yale have been furthering their research with two papers in chronic pain: Tyaghi et al., show that TNF-a causes Nav1.7 membrane insertion into DRG sensory neurons; Ghovanloo et al., studied cannabinol inhibition of Nav channels in DRG, with implications for neuropathic pain.
  • Continuing in the pain field, Latigo Therapeutics’ Gilchrist et al., performed mechanism of action studies on LTGO-33, a Nav1.8 selective blocker, with the potential for a new class of analgesics.
  • Staying in Nav channels, a study by Goodchild et al. of Xenon Pharmaceuticals on dual Nav1.2 & Nav1.6 inhibitors provides promise for antiseizure medications.
  • Finally, NMD Pharma’s drug discovery programme in ClC-1 channel blockers has shown promising clinical trial data in patients with the neuromuscular disease myasthenia gravis – see Skov, Ruijs et al. in the link below.
Read the full list of Q1 2024 user publications here