15 new publications from Sophion users in the last quarter of 2023

Our quarterly review of published QPatch and Qube scientific publications concludes a list of 15 papers in Q4, 2023.

As usual, the publications cover a wide range of topics, including; venoms, chronic pain, drug discovery, safety pharmacology, infectious diseases, schizophrenia, cancer, inflammation, and obesity. The Sophion user’s excellent work offers interesting reading for everyone in and outside the ion channel field.

To mention a few, here are a selection of great publications from 2023’s last quarter:

  • Drs. Jennifer Deuis and Irina Vetter, with colleagues from The University of Queensland, authored two papers: a ‘Nav1.7 channelopathy causing erythyromelalgia’ and ‘ant venom toxins that elicit pain to deter vertebrate predators’.
  • Scientists at Gedeon Richter, also had a double publication quarter, with the papers: ‘developing drugs for ulcer treatments’ and ‘targeting nicotinic acetyl choline receptors for schizophrenia’.
  • Also, Sophion’s scientist Damian Bell co-authored two reviews: one covering ‘recent advances in automated patch clamp technology’ and a second on ‘ion channels in cancer’.
Read the full list of Q4 2023 user publications here