Publications - Sophion

Qube Opto 384 – Optical modulation of ion channels

Author(s): Kim Boddum, Sandra Wilson

Optogenetics and Optical Tools in Automated Patch Clamping

Author(s): Boddum, K., Skafte-Pedersen, P., Rolland, J. F., & Wilson, S

Optical modulation of ion channels using Qube Opto

Author(s): Kim Boddum, Peder Skafte-Pedersen, Jens Henneke, Daniel Sauter, Jean Francois Rolland, Jiaye Zhang, Sandra Wilson

Ligand-activation of GABAA receptors on the automated patch clamp platforms QPatch and Qube 384 using conventional electrophysiology and optopharmacology

Author(s): Melanie Schupp, Kim Boddum, Daniel R. Sauter, Peder Skafte-Pedersen, Linda Blomster, Hervør L. Olsen, Rasmus. B. Jacobsen