Yale’s Waxman lab publishes first paper on Qube 384

Just over a year after Prof. Stephen Waxman acquired a Qube 384 and QPatch II for his lab at Yale University, the lab has published their first paper using the Qube.

Julie Labau was lead author on a paper that further refined the Nav1.7 binding site and mechanism of lacosamide, an antiepileptic drug that has also been used in the treatment of chronic pain.

This is the first of many publications that will be driven by Sophion’s automated patch clamp platforms coming out of the Waxman lab. In addition to many more publications, rumours are that the Waxman lab is pushing the technology in highly innovative and novel assays and research areas, so watch this space for more news.

Congratulations to Julie Labau, the Waxman lab and collaborators from the Universities of Maastricht and Milan.

See the paper here.