Webinar: Automated Patch Clamp in Academia Part II

The role of ion channels as promising pharmacological targets in oncology is well-documented. Ion channel inhibition has the potential to reduce proliferation, migration and invasion of cancer cells, as well as block tumour angiogenesis pathways. In the last decade, our understanding of ion channel function in carcinogenesis has dramatically accelerated due to Automated Patch Clamping and will continue to be a key focus of future research in the ion channel field. Although further work is needed to fully understand ion channel function in carcinogenesis and possible side effects, it is an exciting and emerging area of research in the ion channel field.

In this webinar, we will provide a brief overview of the ion channels of interest in oncology and Dr Aamir Ahmed from King’s College London will discuss his work using QPatch for the investigations of the overlap between ion channels, wnt-signalling and intracellular calcium release in cancer cells. Aamir will be followed by application scientist, Naja Møller Sørensen, from Sophion who will give a short presentation about ion channels and cancer

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